Even as a kid I loved to imitate the Disney characters I loved, Shrek, Donkey, Buzz Light Year, Woody etc. Holidays, and any type of car travel gave time to entertain my friends and family with this talent – I loved it!

Growing up in the UK I grew to love theatre and stage.  I took to drama completely and played many roles within the Drama Club in the UK and then Australia. I was selected to play a choir boy and ‘extra’ in the Bollywood film ‘Bride and Prejudice’. Although not a voice part it was lots of fun and gave me some insight into the industry.

Playing the King in ‘The King and I’, when back in Australia, I found my voice. The versatility of sound, accent and depth I could reach allowed me to then apply this skill to lots of other assignments. I now offer a range of voices to Corporate, Film, Ebook and Audiobooks.

Working closely with my siblings, Jess Nicholls Jisusu a highly talented Animator now based in Denmark and Sean Nicholls, an exceptional writer based in Brisbane, our plan is to create unique animated series for young adults.

If you’d like to discuss your project with me I’d be happy to help. My mobile number is +61 (0) 435 740 602 or use the form on the website to contact me.

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